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Olympus BX43 Upright

Olympus BX43 Upright


The new BX43 upright microscope updates the BX41 with enhanced user operation and improved optical versatility. The new light intensity management system, binocular and trinocular observation tubes, and objective nose pieces continue the history of providing outstanding value in a clinical microscope.


Features and Benefits

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Flexible system format supports a wide-range of observation methods

  • New binocular and trinocular observation heads enhance the ergonomics and operation of a BX43 microscope. Choose between tilting and traditional configurations. The new light intensity management feature, with the new revolving encoded objective nosepieces, controls light intensity as observation magnification changes.
  • The new LED light source offers superb color reproduction from purple to cyan to red, and long lifespan.
  • Get digital images in a snap! The new hand switch for the Olympus DP21 digital camera can be easily mounted within a finger’s reach of the focus knob, allowing the operator to snap a digital image without disrupting observation.
  • New U-LC condenser achieves even illumination of specimens for observation from 2x to 100x dry. An assortment of other condensers allow you to perform a wide range of contrast techniques such as Nomarski (DIC), polarization for Gout analysis, phase contrast, and darkfield observation.

Ergonomic design for efficiency and comfort

  • Updated Y-shaped frame brings user controls forward for ease of access, efficiency and enhanced operator comfort.
  • The new tilting, telescoping/ lifting binocular observation tube offers unsurpassed comfort in viewing position. The new U-TTLBI binocular head tilts from 0-27°, extends an incredible 55mm, and lifts 45mm to accommodate different operators and reduce fatigue during use.
  • The new color-balanced LED with light intensity management system diminishes eye fatigue and the strain of repetitive adjustments.

Feature Image

UIS2 Optics

  • UPLSAPO Series
    • The Olympus Super Apochromat objectives compensate for both spherical and chromatic aberrations, from UV to the near infrared region. Highly recommended for fluorescence applications, UPLSAPO lenses ensure the acquisition of sharp, clear images, without color shift, even in brightfield observation.
    • Available in 4x, 10x, 20x, 20x oil, 40x, 40x oil, 60x and 100x oil.
  • PLAPON Series
    • Designed for unsurpassed resolution and contrast, Plan Apochromat objectives reduce chromatic aberration to an absolute minimum.
    • Available in 1.25x, 2x and 60x oil.
  • UPFLN Series
    • These plan objectives provide flat images with high transmission up to the near infrared region of the spectrum. Featuring a high signal to noise ratio, excellent resolution and high contrast imaging, they are especially effective in brightfield observation.
    • Available in 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 40x oil, 60x, 60x oil and 100x oil.
  • UPLFLN-PH Series
    • Universal phase contrast objectives that provide the same critical optical performance as the UPLFLN series, but especially engineered for phase contrast applications.
    • Available in 4xPH, 10xPH, 20xPH, 40xPH, 60xPH oil and 100xPH oil.
  • PLN Series
    • Ideal for a range of clinical and research applications, these high quality objectives feature excellent flatness beyond the field of view in transmitted brightfield observations.
    • Available in 2x, 4x, 10x, 40x, 50x oil and 100x oil.
  • PLN-PH Series
    • Designed for phase contrast applications, these objectives offer the same high optical quality and flatness as the PLN series.
    • Available in 10x, 20x, 40x and 100x oil.
  • No Cover Objectives
    • The Olympus coverglass-free objectives are designed for glass slides without a cover slip.
    • This capability is largely required for observing blood smear specimens.
Special Purpose Objectives
  • Cytology: 10x Plan Achromat CY with built-in neutral density filter that equalizes the light intensity when switching between the 10x and 40x objectives. Eliminates the need to adjust light intensity when switching between the two objectives (for faster, convenient viewing)
  • Hematology: 50x Plan Achromat oil for the image quality of oil with a large field of view. Oil proof function.
  • Pathology: 60x Achromat for high magnification and the convenience of oil-free use
  • Pathology: 2x Plan Achromat for large field scanning and imaging


  • Multi-head viewing attachments - accommodate up to five total observers. Allows several users to observe a single specimen at the same time. Built-in pointer allows teachers to highlight areas of interest.
  • Intermediate attachments - Eyepoint height adjuster (U-EPA); camera adapter (U-TRU); LED arrow pointer; Gout slider kit (U-GAN); drawing attachment (U-DA); magnification changers (U-CA, U-ECA and U-ECA1.6x); dual port (U-DP).
  • Nosepieces – Encoded quintuple and septuple; quintuple, sextuple and septuple with analyzer slot; centerable quadruple and quintuple.
  • Polarized Light Accessories – Plan Fluorite (UPLFLN-P series), Plan Acromat (PLN-P series) and Achromat (ACHN-P series) strain-free UIS2 Objectives; Centerable quadruple and quintuple nosepieces; circular rotating mechanical and ball-bearing stages with Vernier scales; polarizing condenser with swing out top lens and built-in rotatable polarizer for 4X - 100X objectives, N.A. 0.90/0.25; orthoscopic polarizing intermediate attachment; conoscopic polarizing intermediate attachment includes Bertrand lens on a removable slider for orthoscopic and conoscopic polarized light observation; rotatable analyzer with Vernier scale for quantitative polarized light applications. configurable with reflected-light and fluorescence illuminators. Available compensators: Full Wave Tint plate (1st Order Red), 1/4 wavelength retardation plate, Quartz wedge, DeSenarmont, Brace-Koehler 1/10, Brace-Koehler 1/30, Berek, Thick Berek.

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