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Olympus BX53 Upright

Olympus BX53 Upright


The BX53 supports a full range of observation methods - brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, DIC, polarized light and fluorescence - with proven reliability, ease-of-use, and application flexibility.

Features and Benefits

Supports a full range of observation methods

The 8 position FluorescenceIlluminator allows flexible responses to various fluorescence specimens. Olympus applies an outstanding filter coating technology to all fluorescence mirror units in order to produces high transmissions, sharp cut-offs and efficient detections of fluorescence.

BX53 is equipped with a gradation filter improving neighboring light quantity in the transmission illumination system by default. Even microscopy is the photography with the digital camera, but an evenly uniform observation image is provided to the field of vision outskirts.

Phase contrast
Universal phase-contrast objectives have high transmission, producing well-balanced images with high contrast.

Differential interference contrast(DIC)
High contrast can be obtained even in high magnification observations of thin specimens, such as culture cells. The method enables observations with high resolution but less glare even for thick specimens used in developmental and genetic research, such as finely-tructured diatoms.

Polarizing Observation
There are intermediate attachments (U-OPA/U-CPA) for orthoscopic and orthoscopic/conoscopic viewing.Various compensators make it possible to observe a wide range of retardation.

Two darkfield condensers are provided: dry condenser with magnification range from 10× to 100× and oil immersion condenser with magnification range from 20× to 100× for darkfield contrast. Universal condensers also allow simple darkfield contrast.

Flexible setup and control layout

Customizable Control Layout
Light intensity now can be controlled with the dial in front, and transmitted filters and fluorescence shutters are operable from either side. Detachable fine focus handle can be attached on either side of the scope based on operator preference. The BX53 frees the operator to create your own working environment with the microscope.

Caters to Your Individual Needs
Tilting trinocular tube/ U-TTR-2 enables to accommodate any operator posture with the slant angle of binocular from 5 through 35 degrees. In addition, Olympus offers versatile types of tubes.

Automatic Switching
Switching objectives on the motorized 7-position revolving nosepiece, integrated with the motorized universal condenser, enables an automatic switch to the optimal prism. Simplified prism switches accelerate observations.

Energy saving Switch Turns off Automatically
The motion sensor detects when an operator leaves and automatically turns off the transmitted light lamp after around 30 minutes.

High S/N fluorescence imaging

Newly designed mirror units
Latest Coating Technology and Stary Light Reduction Olympus applies an outstanding filter coating technology to all fluorescence mirror units in order to produce high transmissions, sharp cut-offs and efficient detections of fluorescence. The low reflection function eliminates over 99% of stray light, producing a high S/N ratio.

High Transmission Objectives with Reduced Autofluorescence
Olympus UIS2 objectives are made with superior low-autofluorescence glass, anti-reflection coats and lens joining materials, improving the S/N ratio. Effective detections of subtle fluorescence emissions even with weak excitation light deliver ideal performance in fluorescence imaging.

High Fluorescence Performance in imaging
Fluorescence illuminators BX3-RFAA and BX3-RFAS equipped with a Fly's-eye lens provide uniform illumination. Even, uniform fluorescence illumination facilitates postimaging enhancements and processing. Furthermore, mirror units can easily be replaced.

Versatile imaging support

Save Microscopic Information with Coded Units
The imaging software cellSens integrated with the coded fluorescence illuminator/BX3-RFAS and the coded 7-position nosepiece/U-D7RES can automatically store fluorescence mirror unit and objective data with the images, facilitating post-imaging treatments.

Hand switch for exposure
The U-HSEXP hand switch for exposure attaches easily on the microscope, and allows the operator to capture an image without having to take his/her eyes away from the specimen. The exposure switch is located close to the focus handle creating minimal movement during operation.

cellSens Imaging Software
A Single Software Solution for Smooth Experimental Workflow from Start to Finish cellSens® is available in three different versions to suit individual requirements.

  • Dimension - comprehensive report-making capabilities streamlines operations from beginning to end. Also available in a desktop version for offline analysis. Standard - meets the needs for basic image acquisition and analysis while simplifying operation Entry - simplest package for snapping an image

BX53 + Digital Camera DP72
A lineup includes the models that capture fluorescence images in high definition and high resolutions, and the model to capture a imges with a convenient handset in simple operations.

Download Brochure

BX53 Brochure Click to open.

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