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Olympus VisiomorphTM VIS Histoinformatics Software

Olympus Visiomorph<sup>TM</sup> VIS Histoinformatics Software


Visiopharm Integrator System (VIS) is a powerful image acquisition and analysis software platform incorporating automation and integrated data management for image analysis, stereology and research clinical pathology. It offers application-specific tools for a variety of fields including oncology, respiratory research, neuroscience, and skeletal research. With novel image segmentation and stereology techniques that greatly enhance automation and productivity, VIS is setting new standards in quantitative microscopy

Features and Benefits

Feature Image

The Visiopharm Integrator System (VIS) Histoinformatics platform offers new capabilities to clinical researchers. The ground-breaking software helps streamline and automate the process of image capture and analysis, while integrating comprehensive image data management for each area of study. VIS Histoinformatics software optimizes every aspect of the imaging process, with special focus on unattended imaging, data management, and quantitative methods, including image analysis and stereology. Key to providing these capabilities is a series of patented techniques offered by the AutodisectorTM and ProportionatorTM modules.

Image Analysis Software
All of the packages in the VIS product line include integrated database management tools.
Core package

  • VisiomorphTM – For image acquisition and processing, it offers powerful segmentation and analysis tools.

Additional Modules

  • MicroimagerTM - For brightfield acquisition, processing and automation of both routine and complex operations, such as multi-dimensional imaging and whole tissue mount imaging.
  • ArrayimagerTM – For specialized tissue microarray (TMA) acquisition and automated tissue core matrix detection.
  • FluoimagerTM – For fluorescence acquisition, processing and viewing.
  • Whole Slide (WS) ManagerTM – For Virtual Microscope Slide processing and analysis.

Stereology is a technique that helps scientists estimate microstructural properties such as cell numbers, cell volumes, lengths of fibers or vessels, or other features. Stereology methods are designed to obtain valid and statistically unbiased information about the 3-D composition of organs. Such analyses are often performed in pre-clinical studies of disease progression, treatment effect, or toxicological studies in such organs as brain, lung, kidney, pancreas and bone, as well as in cancerous tissue. The VIS platform pushes the envelope of stereological methods with the new Autodisector and Proportionator modules. When combined with the WS Manager, high throughput stereology can be realized.
Core Package

  • newCASTTM – For stereology acquisition, including analysis, data management and hardware control.

Additional Modules

  • AutodisectorTM – For users who want to automate registration and processing of sample pairs for stereological analysis. Autodisector offers all the advantages of the physical fractionator method (eliminate limitations caused by tissue shrinkage, tissue opacity, object size, and lack of staining penetration), while automating the labor intensive steps.
  • ProportionatorTM – For high-throughput stereology analysis. Studies indicate that Proportionator tools can improve efficiency 8-25 fold over traditional stereology methods.

Research-Specific Software
Olympus also offers unique, specialized tools that handle analysis and help automate labor-intensive tasks in a variety of important research fields. To date, relevant measured end-point types have been developed for these research specializations:

  • OncotopixTM – Oncology sciences
  • RespiratopixTM – Respiratory sciences
  • NeurotopixTM – Neurobiology sciences
  • SkeletopixTM – Skeletal sciences

    Visiopharm® is a registered trademark.

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