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Olympus BX63

Olympus BX63


The automated microscope system for high-end fluorescence imaging
The BX63 pursues comfortable operability and high reliability for leading research applications. It supports a full range of observation methods - brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, DIC, polarized light and fluorescence - with motorized operation that enables fully automated control and fluorescence imaging for life science and medical research applications.

Features and Benefits

Supports a full range of observation methods

The 8 position fluorescenceIlluminator allows flexible responses to various fluorescence specimens. Olympus applies an outstanding filter coating technology to all fluorescence mirror units in order to produces high transmissions, sharp cut-offs and efficient detections of fluorescence.

There are two kinds of illumination method - LED and halogen lamp. BX63 is equipped with a gradation filter improving uniform light in the transmitted halogen illumination system. With the LED illumination, the microscope enables to keep a constant color shade regardless of a level of the light intensity.

Phase Contrast
High contrast phase imaging allows close observation of the cell interior and of live bacteria. Universal phase-contrast objectives with high transmission, produce well-balanced images with high contrast.

Nomarski (DIC)
High contrast can be obtained even in high magnification observations of thin specimens, such as culture cells. The method enables observations with high resolution but less glare even for thick specimens used in developmental and genetic research, such as finely-structured diatoms.

Simple Polarized Light
UIS optics and the built-in condensers support simple polarized-light images at all magnifications.

Two darkfield condensers are provided: dry condenser with magnification range from 10× to 100× and oil immersion condenser with magnification range from 20× to 100× for darkfield contrast. Universal condensers also allow darkfield contrast.

Feature Image

Fully motorized system

With the BX63, diverse lineups of motorized units are available. Observations are made so much faster and simpler, thanks to the interlocked motorized units working together to satisfy even the most demanding applications.

  1. Motorized Fluorescence Illuminator/BX3-RFAA
    The flexibility of the motorized fluorescence illuminator accommodates multi-color stained specimens. The 8-position mirror units permit quick changeover of fluorescence colors.
  2. Scanning Stage with Ultrasonic/BX3-SSU
    The ultrasonic stage delivers high-precision XY control. The XY-controller can be mounted on the controller/U-MCZ for the BX63 and worked like conventional stage
  3. Motorized Attenuator Wheel/U-AW
    The Olympus BX63 has a motorized ND filter wheel for fluorescence and transmitted light intensity adjustments.
    *Special adapters are required for mounting (U-LHEAD for fluorescence, and U-LH100ADP for transmitted light)
  4. Motorized Seven Position Nosepiece/U-D7REA
    Equipped with a DIC slider slot, this revolving nosepiece allows simultaneous attachment of seven objectives. It is especially suitable for continuous observations from low to high magnifications and combining specific objectives, such as polarized light observations.
  5. Microscope Frame Equipped with Motorized Focus and Field Diaphragm
    This unit incorporates a high-speed, high precision motorized focusing nosepiece with 0.01 µm resolution and 20 mm vertical strokes. The field diaphragm adjustment of transmitted light is also motorized.
  6. Motorized Universal Condenser/BX3-UCD8A
    By integrating with designated optical components, the motorized universal condenser accommodates various kinds of transmitted light observation including brightfield, differential interference contrast and phase contrast.

Stability and ease of use for sophisticated experiments Stability for Improved Imaging Reliability

Stability Simulation in Comparison to BX61
The Olympus BX63 is the choice for today's motorized microscope. By incorporating a motorized nosepiece and securely fastening the stage on three points, the microscope is even more stabilized. The smooth, high-precision drive of the fixed ultrasonic stage reduces vibrations, further advancing the quality of image acquisition.

Three kinds of control methods The researchers have a choice of three controls—the touch panel controller, the controller/U-MCZ, or the imaging software cellSens—for their observation method settings, microscopic operations and digital imaging.

  1. Intuitive Touch Panel Controller for Enhanced Workspace and Workflow Flexibility
    Programmable controls greatly simplify repetitive observation and imaging tasks. In Navigation mode, the interface is context-sensitive, and displays only the functions that are relevant to the currently selected observation method. In Full Operation mode, it allows researchers' access to the full range of functions and customization options available.
  2. The Detachable Controller Customizes Workspace into an Efficient Microscope Workstation
    The controller U-MCZ can be removed and attached anywhere on the microscope, enabling the researchers to create a working environment all their own. The XY-controller of the ultrasonic stage can also be attached to the user's preferred side, allowing the simultaneous operation of the controller and the mouse. The controller's functionally-placed switches simplify observation method/objective/ mirror unit changeovers, light intensity adjustments and live/archive image selections.
  3. The cellSens software allows researchers to perform effortless imaging.
    Using the cellSens imaging software, BX63 enables fully software-based controls of microscope and digital cameras. A single software solution for smooth experimental workflow from start to finish.
    *cellSens versions 1.4 or later support the BX3 series.

High S/N fluorescence imaging Latest Coating Technology and Stary Light Reduction

Newly designed mirror units
Olympus applies an outstanding filter coating technology to all fluorescence mirror units in order to produce high transmissions, sharp cut-offs and efficient detections of fluorescence. The low reflection function eliminates over 99% of stray light, producing a high S/N ratio.

High Transmission Objectives with Reduced Autofluorescence
Olympus UIS2 objectives are made with superior low-autofluorescence glass, anti-reflection coats and lens joining materials, improving the S/N ratio. Effective detections of subtle fluorescence emissions even with weak excitation light deliver ideal performance in fluorescence imaging.

Stable fluorescence observation
Fluorescence illuminators BX3-RFAA and BX3-RFAS equipped with a Fly's-eye lens provide uniform illumination. Even, uniform fluorescence illumination facilitates postimaging enhancements and processing. Furthermore, mirror units can easily be replaced.

cellSens Imaging Software
Single Software Solution for Smooth Experimental Workflow from Start to Finish cellSens® is available in three different versions to suit individual requirements. Dimension - comprehensive report-making capabilities streamlines operations from beginning to end. Also available in a desktop version for offline analysis. Standard - meets the needs for basic image acquisition and analysis while simplifying operation Entry - simplest package for snapping an image.
*cellSens versions 1.41 or later support the BX3 series.

Microscope Digital Cameras to Fulfill Diverse needs
A lineup includes the models that capture fluorescence images in high definition and high resolutions, and the model to capture a imges with a convenient handset in simple operations.

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