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Olympus SZX10 Research-System Stereomicroscope

Olympus SZX10 Research-System Stereomicroscope


An unbeatable combination of optical performance and operating ease The SZX10 is ergonomically designed to minimize fatigue during extended use, and features a wide zoom ratio of 10:1 that enables it to meet a variety of application needs. Dedicated objective lenses minimize planar distortion and offer the dual advantages of high resolution and long working distance, with sharp, clear, stereoscopic imaging over the entire magnification range. A wide variety of accessories and system options are also available to meet more specific observation or documentation needs.

Features and Benefits

10:1 zoom ratio for versatile macro-to-micro stereoscopic viewing

Macro-to-micro versatility to meet a wide range of applications needs
The SZX10 covers a magnification range of 6.3x-63x with its 1x objective, and offers up to 123x magnification with a 2x objective. Thanks to this wide-ranging 10:1 zoom ratio versatility, it's an ideal choice for life science applications that require low-magnification macro views for dissection and specimen manipulation, and ultra-sharp high-magnification views for close observation of cell structures.

Superior optics for sharp, clear, stereoscopic imaging and working ease
Two dedicated objective lens series are available for the SZX10: the DFPlan series and the SZX-ACH series. The DFPlan series combines high-NA resolving power and working comfort with "distortion-free" optical design for exceptionally flat imaging, and includes a 2x objective lens with an NA of 0.2 for high-resolution imaging at 600LP/mm. For maximum working ease and uncompromising imaging performance, the SZX-ACH series includes a 1x objective that offers a full 90mm of working distance, as well as a high NA of 0.1.

Ergonomically designed base units
A wide range of ergonomically-designed transmitted light illumination bases are available to suit various research needs and working preferences. A high-level transmitted light illumination base (SZX2-ILLB) offers oblique illumination with High and Low contrast settings for fast, easy contrast optimization, and incorporates filters to adjust light volume and color temperature, as well as a cooling fan to prevent overheating of the working area. For maximum working ease, the low-profile slim LED transmitted light illumination base (SZX2-ILLT) features a low stage height of just 41mm for comfortable viewing and easy access to samples.

Wide range of accessories and system/documentation options

System accessories to meet every observation need
The SZX10 supports a wide range of accessories and system options, including a fluorescence illuminator for viewing expressed fluorescence proteins within an organism, and face-to-face and side-by-side discussions tubes for simultaneous viewing by two observers.

Digital imaging and documentation support
The SZX10 can also be equipped with a trinocular tube and Olympus DP series digital camera for high-resolution imaging and research documentation. DP series cameras offer the high sensitivity needed forare available for a wide range of applications, including high-sensitivity fluorescence imaging, and can be easily controlled using Olympus cellSens software.

Ergonomic observation tube design for reduced operator fatigue

Optimum convergence angle for reduced eyestrain
Observation tubes are designed not only for superior optical performance, but also for maximum operator comfort, with an optimized convergence angle to enable extended observation with minimal eyestrain.

Tilting trinocular tube for natural posture and reduced fatigue
A tilting trinocular tube with a 5° - 45° adjustment range significantly reduces the fatigue associated with extended microscope use by allowing operators to maintain their natural posture during observation.

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