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Olympus MicroSuite FIVE

Olympus MicroSuite FIVE


The perfect blend of high quality microscopes from Olympus and superb imaging software from Soft Imaging System Corporation, tailored to fit the needs of today's microscopists. Powered by the best of two worlds, Olympus and Soft Imaging System give you a leading edge in your work. Building upon the functionality of earlier versions of the MicroSuite™ imaging software, version FIVE offers enhanced solutions for both monochrome and color image acquisition and processing. The packages have been configured to meet the diverse needs of the scientific community.

Features and Benefits

  • User-friendly graphical user interface; follows standard Windows® conventions; all common image file formats are supported
  • Fully integrated camera control for image acquisition; most CCD and video cameras are supported
  • Hardware control for motorized Olympus microscopes and third-party motorized stages, filter wheels, and shutters
  • Application modules for acquisition and display of arrays, Z-stacks, time stacks, etc.; parameters and protocols can be saved and recalled later
  • Extensive selection of image processing filters and display tools
  • Interactive and automated measurement tools, with automatic generation of data, statistical results, histograms, and diagrams; exportable to Microsoft® Excel™
  • Macro recording to simplify or automate routine processes
  • Annotation capabilities, including arrows, text, lines, and highlighting
  • Report generation using standard or user-designed templates, with the ability to include images, sheets, diagrams, histograms, text boxes, and database fields; exportable to Microsoft® Word™ as Rich Text Format
  • Fully searchable user-definable STructured ARchive (STAR) database for archiving images with related documents, spreadsheets, graphs, and diagrams

MFIP Module

The Multiple Fluorescence Information Processing (MFIP) module is designed to facilitate the acquisition and processing of multi-colored fluorescence images. Applications include the labeling of cells and organelles with multiple fluorescent dyes, Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH), and gene expression studies with fluorescent proteins. MFIP also supports the overlay of a transparent grayscale image (DIC, phase contrast, brightfield, or darkfield) with fluorescence images.

Feature Image

RIDE Module

Under license from AutoQuant, the Rapid Image Deconvolution (RIDE) module includes three types of filters for the deconvolution of light microscope images: No Neighbor, Nearest Neighbor, and Inverse Filter. RIDE is included with the Advanced Suite. The 3D Widefield Deconvolution and 3D Confocal Deconvolution add-in modules incorporate AutoQuant's constrained iterative 3D blind deconvolution algorithms for widefield and confocal image stacks respectively. Image stacks can be imported or automatically collected on a microscope with a motorized Z drive. All Olympus FluoView image stacks can be opened with MicroSuite™ FIVE. Various operations on deconvolved image stacks are possible, such as applying pseudocolors, smoothing the images, and selecting regions of interest. Visualization tools include the Slice Viewer, for projecting stacks in the X, Y, and Z directions, and the Voxel Viewer, for stereo rendering, iso-surface projection and 3D animation.

3D Module

The path leading from the second into the third dimension is so easy that it’s almost a game. Any images of sectional series can be loaded into user-definable stacks and thus sorted. The subsequent height scaling and alignment concludes preparation of the image stack for reconstruction. 3D manages all data automatically. Reconstructions can be saved/loaded separately as workspaces or projects. Images can be loaded, added, sorted and aligned as you please. All common image formats are supported.

Feature Image

EFI Module

The Extended Focal Imaging (EFI) module allows the user to create a single in-focus image from several images with different focal planes. By employing contrast algorithms, the software uses the sharpest pixels to create the final image. This is particularly useful for thick or unevenly mounted tissue specimens and whole or partial insects. The optional height map feature lends a three-dimensional view to the final image. EFI is available in the Basic Edition and higher.

MIA Module

As one of our most popular modules, the Multiple Image Alignment (MIA) module allows the user to acquire and assemble a high-resolution image from a series of adjacent images using pattern matching algorithms. MicroSuite™ FIVE offers a new option: the ability to collect multiple Z-planes at each XY location, through a simple check box that enables the Extended Focal Imaging (EFI) module within the MIA module. This results in a stitched image that is completely in focus, regardless of variability in specimen thickness. MIA is available in the Basic Edition and higher.

Feature Image


NetCam is an exciting feature included in MicroSuite™ FIVE Pathology Edition and higher level packages. Designed for use with the Olympus DP71, DP30, DP25, and DP20 cameras, and Olympus-Soft Imaging Solutions' FireWire cameras (FVII, CC12, CVII, and CVIII) and Altra 20 CMOS camera, NetCam uses TCP/IP to broadcast a live image over the Internet via an assigned static IP address. Up to fifty remote "Client" computers can simultaneously log on and view a live or captured image from a camera placed on a microscope in another physical or geographical location using a standard web browser and the IP address of the microscope imaging system ("Server") that is running MicroSuite FIVE with NetCam. The primary user can manually or automatically adjust the microscope and camera parameters, capture, annotate, and send images, and control access by remote users. Remote users can view live images passively at 800 x 600 or 640 x 480 pixel resolution, and captured images at full resolution or compressed, for faster transmission. Remote users have no control over the camera or the microscope.

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